General Info for Parents

The School Day

General Information for the School Day

Your Contact Numbers

Please make sure that you inform the office of any changes to contact numbers immediately, so that we can contact you in case of any emergency.



We have a dedicated School Uniform page.  We have high uniform standards and expect all children to be wearing correct uniform every day. please ensure that all uniform is clearly named – it takes so long to try and match jumpers, socks, shoes, lunchboxes, water bottles etc. etc to the correct child!



You must telephone the school on the first and every day of absence – 01234 352630. This needs to be followed up in writing on your child’s return. We have a message line so you can call at any time, but it must be before 8.30am,


Dietary, Allergies, Illness and Medication

If your child has any allergies or dietary needs you must ensure we are notified in writing.

Only prescribed medication is permitted in school and you need to complete a form.  If the dose is 3 times a day, the school will not administer as this can be done at home in the morning, after school and the evening.

The school have Calpol, Ibuprofen and Pirition and we will call you for permission.  We encourage the children to stay at school when they are ‘under the weather’ as being at school with friends can be a distraction.


School Closures

If the school needs to close for any reason including bad weather (however this is very rare), we will send a message on Parentmail therefore please ensure your email and mobile phone numbers are up to date.  We will also post on Facebook, Twitter and endeavour to update our website’s home page.  We will also contact the Borough Council for them to update their school closure web page.


Start Times

Reception – doors will open at 8.35am

Years 1&2 – the gate will open at 8.35am and shut just before 8.45am

Years 3-6 – the doors will open at 8.30am and the gate will shut at 8.40am


Collection of Children in Nursery

Children in Nursery are collected from the Nursery entrances.


Collection of Reception – Monday to Thursday 3.10pm and Friday 1pm

Reception children are based in the new building (just before the chickens) and you need to walk around the back and wait by the doors.  Please use the pathways and do not cut through the bushes.


Collection of Children in Years 1&2 – Monday to Thursday 3.15pm and Friday 1.10pm

You will need to wait by the play equipment on their playground, do not wait near the steps as this causes congestion when the children are coming up to the playground. Can you ensure that children do not play on the equipment whilst waiting and please do not sit on any of it as it can cause wear and tear.

If you have older children at the North Pole site, please use the path across the field (by the chickens).


Collection of Children in Years 3&4 – Monday to Thursday 3.30pm and Friday 1.20pm

Children in years 3 & 4 are collected from the North Pole playground furthest away – please go across the Year 5 & 6 playground and follow the walk way around the school and wait for your children there.  In the morning you must NOT leave your children on the playground and you need to ensure they are safely through the door.  Any children that are without a parent before 8.30am will be taken to Scotties and you will be charged for the session


Collection of Children in Years 5&6/Walking Home – Monday to Thursday 3.30pm and Friday 1.20pm

Please collect children from the North Pole playground just past the bike sheds.

If your child is to walk without a parent, you must inform the school in writing.  For safety reasons we will not release any child without this.


Friday Afternoon Care

For children of working parents only, there will be structured after school care until 3.15pm for South Pole children and 3:30pm for North Pole children. Childcare will need to be booked online and will be free of charge.

For non-working parents who want their child to remain at school there will be after school clubs for which there will be a cost.

Scotties will be as normal from 3.15pm and 3.30pm (book in the usual way).


Mobile Phones – Visitors

For safeguarding purposes all visitors are not permitted to bring a mobile phone into our school.  You will be provided with a secure locker at reception, for which you retain the key, and you can collect your phone when you leave.


Mobile Phones – Students

Students in years 5 and 6 are permitted to bring in mobile phones however they need to be handed into the office before registration and collected at the end of the day.  Please ensure their phones are clearly named.



There is no parking or drop off area on the school site and the car parks are for staff only. Also, please do not park across the school gates or block pavements as this causes a real hazard for our children.  We encourage you to park in the surrounding area and walk a couple of minutes to our school.