Religious Education

Sikh Visitor (27th April 2017)

We were very lucky because we were joined by Mr Singh, a visitor from the Sikh community. He had a wealth of knowledge that he shared with our children and staff; this was knowledge which ranged from how Sikhism started, why Sikh men wear a turban, the meaning of the 5k’s and  how we can all help and value each other. The children and staff alike all loved the visit and found it informative and extremely valuable.

Comments from some of our children

One of our older children said: “We learnt that there are 11 Gurus and the 10th Guru gave Sikhs the turban. I really liked and enjoyed it and thought it was interesting how Sikhs say that everyone should be treated equally-because we are all human. Everyone sits on the floor, all our differences go away, like our colour, our height. To treat everyone the same stops arguments and makes people humble and kinder-I told my Mum about him”.

One of our younger children said: “I liked it when Mr Singh sat on the floor with us. It means that we are the same level and humble and not showing off and being kind. He showed us some nice pictures. I liked the picture of the emperor sitting down and he was sitting with everyone and not on a special throne. Mr Singh was amazing and funny. I would like him to come back. I told my Daddy about him”.