Scott Primary School Tree Growing Competition 2020

At Scott Primary School, we are blessed with a site which extends to nearly 30 acres. We already enjoy around 8 acres of woodland, but we thought we would like more!

As part of a project which is part-science, part-environmental and part-competition, we would like to give EVERY child at Scott Primary this year the chance to grow a tree which will eventually be planted in the grounds of the school.

According to the Green Energy Consulting website, 'Planting trees is a great way to offset your carbon footprint and become carbon neutral. Through photosynthesis trees absorb carbon dioxide to produce oxygen and wood'.

  • By planting more trees we will help to:

    • Offset our school's CO2 emissions
    • Provide wildlife habitats
    • Enhance the natural landscape
  • The Competition

    During class, every child will get the chance to plant a conker. The children will then take their little pot home with them. At home, over the next year, they will need to grow and pot-on their little tree. Don't worry, we’ll send home full instructions. In one year, every child whose tree is still alive, will be asked to bring them back to school to plant them in the school grounds.

    There will be a prize for the biggest tree in each year group, and a prize for the largest tree in the whole school.

    We hope it will be a bit of fun, but the children will learn a little something about nature too.

    Tree Growing Instructions

    For instructions on how to grow your conker tree, please see the pdf file below. Don't worry about steps 1 and 2, we'll do them with the children in class!

    • Instructions