Robins - Year 1

Welcome to Robins Class!

Your teacher is Mrs Waby, who will be supported by Mrs Adair and Miss Owens. In Robins Class, we are looking forward to learning about Walking with Dinosaurs, Around the World, Terrific Toys, Amazing Africa, Wild and Wonderful and Land Ahoy! We are so excited to learn lots of facts and information about our wonderful Topics and can’t wait to enhance and extend our learning using the ICT Suite, Hall and continuous provision in our outdoor garden.

We will have a super year!

Interesting facts about Robins

In winter, the robin puffs up its plumage to insulate its body against cold winds. The best way to see a robin in your garden is to dig. Within minutes one may perch on a fence or branch nearby waiting to inspect the newly-turned soil for earthworms. Not more than one robin will occupy a small garden, unless it is his mate.

Robins Team

    • Mrs Waby
    • Teacher
    • Mrs Adair
    • Teaching Assistant
    • Miss Owens
    • One-to-One Assistant

What does Robins Classroom look like?

What our parents say about Robins

Jacob will miss everyone in Robins, especially Mrs Waby

Michael L. Parent

Thank you for making Flora feel so welcome at her new school.

Jane S. Parent

Curriculum information for Robins