Polo - Year 3

Welcome to Polo Class!

Our class is named after Marco Polo, who was a famous Italian explorer. He inspired future explorers such as Christopher Columbus. Miss Fish is your class teacher and you will be supported by Mrs Romain and Mrs Bulmer. In Polo Class, we are looking forward to learning about the Rainforest, World War II and the Stone Age.

We are really excited about all of our fantastic Topics and can’t wait to use some of the amazing rooms in the North Pole, like the ICT Suite, Sports Barn and the Science Lab. Mr Allen will take you for PE.

We know that we are going to have a fantastic year!

Interesting facts about Marco Polo

Marco Polo was a trader, traveller, and adventurer, who (probably*) journeyed to Central Asia and China in an era when vast swaths of the world were still uncharted and just travelling to a neighbouring town could take you days. Marco Polo left home at age 17 and didn’t return to Venice for 24 years. Marco Polo encountered numerous animals on his journey that were then unknown in Europe. These included the chow chow dog breed, the musk deer, and the yak.

Polo Team

    • Miss Fish
    • Teacher
    • Mrs Bulmer
    • Teaching Assistant
    • Mrs Romain
    • Teaching Assistant
    • Mrs Franco
    • Teaching Assistant

What does Polo Classroom look like?

What our parents say about Polo

Thank you Miss Fish and everyone at Scott Primary

Danny W. Parent

We are really pleased with how Nina got on this year. Thank you

Ranjit S. Parent

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