Hedgehogs - Year 2

Welcome to Hedgehogs Class!

On Mondays and Tuesdays, Mrs Matthews is our teacher and on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays Mrs Belsham teaches us. Miss Andrews also helps us in our class every day.

In Hedgehogs Class this year, we are really looking forward to learning about superheroes (and historical heroes such as Mary Seacole and the ‘Hidden Figures’ behind the 1969 moon landing), the Arctic and Antarctic and comparing it to where we live, The Great Fire of London, traditional fairy tales and their alternative versions, and where our food is grown around the world

We will also take part in special days linked to our topics that are full of fun! We can’t wait to have a wonderful year with you!

Interesting facts about Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are nocturnal which means that they sleep in the day and only come out at night. The ‘Hedge’ part of their name comes from where they build their nests in hedges, bushes and shrubs. The ‘hog’ part comes from the small snorting/ grunting sound they make which is similar to a pig/warthog. Hedgehogs are actually lactose intolerant, so milk should never be left out for them, water is perfectly fine.

Hedgehogs Team

    • Mrs Belsham
    • Teacher
    • Mrs Matthews
    • Teacher
    • Miss Andrews
    • Teaching Assistant

What does Hedgehogs Classroom look like?

What our parents say about Hedgehogs

Joey had so much fun this year. Thank you

Kate J. Parent

Mrs Belsham and Mrs Matthews were lovely. Thanks

Morris L. Parent

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