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Welcome to Fields Class!

Our class is named after Dwayne Fields, an explorer from Hackney, London. In 2010, he became the first British black man to reach the North Pole. On his return, he was invited to Buckingham Palace, to celebrate the centenary of Scott's expedition to the South Pole! Our teacher is Miss Mirto – who is excited about joining Year 6. During the afternoons, Miss Mirto will teach some lessons and Mr Holdsworth will teach others to both Year 6 classes. Mrs Cussano, Miss Carver and Mrs Cowley will also be helping us in our classroom.

In Year 6, we are looking forward to learning about Crime and Punishment, Ancient Egypt, and The Ancient Maya. We are so excited about all our fantastic Topics and making our last year at Primary School one to remember! Miss Mirto hopes to share in Fields’ vision of children using the outdoors and is looking forward to using the woods and our outdoor space as much as possible.

Interesting facts about Dwayne Fields

Born in Jamaica, Dwayne Fields came to the UK at the age of six. His formative years in the UK were in inner city London. As a child in wild Jamaica, Dwayne loved nature and wildlife and wanted to reconnect to his early life in the forests and hilltops of Jamaica. In 2010, Dwayne set himself his first of many challenges, becoming the first black Briton to walk over 400 miles to the magnetic North Pole. Since then his life has become richer, living a life of adventure and exploration, inspiring young people nationwide to explore the ‘great outdoors’ – wherever that may be.

Fields Team

      • Miss Mirto
      • Teacher
      • Mrs Cusano
      • Teaching Assistant
      • Miss Carver
      • One-to-One Assistant

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    Thank you for an amazing year in Year 6

    Jo K. Parent

    A wonderful end to katies time at Scott. Thank you.

    Kaya and Dave Parents

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    • A wonderful afternoon in the woods