E-Safety at Scott Primary

At Scott Primary School we are committed to the safety and well-being of all our children. E-Safety is about keeping safe electronically.

We do everything we can in school to prevent unrestricted access to internet content that children should not be accessing and have several policies in place. These are designed to ensure that we safeguard your children at all times.

    • E-Safety Policy
    • Filters on our Web Browsers
    • Regular checks and monitoring of website access
    • Clear Procedures for Children and supervision whilst on the web
    • E-Safety is taught through our ICT curriculum and discussed in assemblies across the year
    • Safeguarding Policies (SEND, Child Protection, Acceptable Use and E-Safety, Staff Code of Conduct)
    • School E-Safety Rules are signed by each child when joining school and displayed in classrooms
    • We follow the SMART rules in school
    • Digital Leaders in KS2 promote the safe use of technology in school
  • E-safety at Home

    Children can access information online from the laptop, their mobile phone to more hidden methods such as through game sharing on the X-Box or Wii. It is important that you understand how you can do a few simple things to help protect your children using new technology.

    The internet and social media sites can be great fun if used in the correct way. They can also be very dangerous if used in a careless and unsupervised way.

    Whether you’re an online expert or you’re not sure where to start the NSPCC has 4 key tips help you:

    • Explore the online world together
    • Talk to your child about staying safe online
    • Manage the software and tools your family use
    • Agree rules about what’s OK and what’s not
  • You can find out more by visiting the NSPCC E-safety page.

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