Cygnets - Early Years

Welcome to Cygnets Class! Do you know what a cygnet is? It’s a baby swan!

Our teacher is Mrs Green and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Read. Miss Michelin will be working in our class too!

We are looking forward to learning all about you when you start in Reception. We have lots of fun things planned for you, including learning about Space, our World and even exploring our woods! We are really looking forward to meeting you all and know that we will have so much fun together!

Interesting facts about cygnets

Baby swans are called cygnets and stay with their mother for the first 6 months of life. All of the mute swans in England and Wales are owned by the Queen of England. Despite popular belief, swans can actually fly. They are among the largest flying birds out there and need about 30 meters to become airborne.

Cygnets Team

    • Mrs Green
    • Teacher
    • Mrs Read
    • Teaching Assistant
    • Miss Michelin
    • One-to-One Assistant

What does Cygnets Classroom looks like?

What our parents say about Cygnets

Billy really enjoyed his time in Cygnets. He loved ending everyday with a story

Sally M. Parent

Freddy had such a good time in Cygnets. Mrs Green was so supportive

John F. Parent

Curriculum information for Cygnets