Welcome to Year 1

This is the first year of Key Stage 1 in which the first sections of the National Curriculum are introduced. Year One is usually the second year in primary school.

At Scott Primary we believe that a smooth transition from foundation stage to year one is vital. We ensure that the children have plenty of time to settle into the new routines of the day. We introduce the curriculum gradually throughout the first half term by following a carousel approach. The children enjoy daily practical activities with plenty of time to continue to explore and play independently.

During lessons we follow a carousel approach, this means that some of the children will carry out a focus task while the other children work independently on a range of activities linked to the learning for that particular lesson. This ensures that the teachers and teaching assistants have plenty of quality learning time with all children throughout the week.

We believe that the children’s first year accessing the national curriculum should be as fun and engaging as possible. We ensure that this happens by planning and delivering a range of engaging topics throughout the year in a fun and practical way.

Our Teachers

Miss Power

Bumblebees Teacher

Mrs Rai

Rabbits Class Teacher

Mrs Belsham

Robins Class Teacher

Mrs Matthews

Robins Class Teacher

Miss Cook

Bumblebees Teaching Assistant

Miss Budge

Rabbits Class Teaching Assistant

Mrs Adair

Robins Class Teaching Assistant

Mrs Abraham

One-to-One Teaching Assistant

Year 1 Overview

Year 1 trip to The Higgins, 2018

Walking with Dinosaurs

We were very shocked this week when we came into school and discovered DINOSAUR FOOTPRINTS. They went through the hall and all the way across the playground into the woods.

We were even more alarmed when we found evidence that the creature had been in the school playground and quite possibly made its way around the entire school.

We went into our classrooms to find that we had been visited by a VERY untidy creature. Our classrooms were upside down and VERY messy. We just could not believe our eyes!

Luckily, Mr Summerfield had set up a webcam in the classroom to film anything strange that might happen in the Year 1 classrooms when the school is empty.

This is what we caught on camera!

We decided that the best way to solve this mystery was to become brave explorers. We got our coats on and went out on to the playground in search of a dinosaur.

We followed the footprints across the playground and into the woods.

We had a great time using the magnifying glasses to explore and investigate the footprints and the woodland however sadly we did not find any dinosaurs or creatures

Terrific Toys

We ended our ‘terrific’ topic with a visit to the Higgins Art Gallery and Museum.

What a wonderful and exciting day we had! Not only did we have the opportunity to explore the museum and look at the old toys on display: the rocking horse, the very old teddy bear, the doll’s house but we were able to also play with some of the replica toys. We found out a lot of interesting facts. Did you know that old toy soldiers were made from from lead and some of the early wind-up toys were made from tin – a thin metal? Poor children tended to make their own toys whereas rich children were able to buy them. Dolls were very popular. We saw a doll made from wax, a doll made from china and a doll made from a peg. Poor girls would have made this peg doll and her clothes themselves. Some of the other toys that we were played with were: Nine-Pin Skittles, Cup and Ball, Whip and Top, Hoop and Stick, Acrobatic toys and Hoop and Stick. 

It was so lovely to see all and play with all of the things that we have been learning about this half- term. We gained so many first hand experiences and had some wonderful discussions about the artefacts around the museum. ​

Around the World

We had a fabulous start to our new topic!

We arrived at Scott Primary Airport where we checked our luggage in and collected our boarding passes and passports. We took our seats and got ready for take-off by watching the in flight safety film. We strapped on our belts, positioned our life jackets and prepared for takeoff. We watched as we flew over the land and seas on our adventure.

Our first stop around the world was France followed by Italy and then Kenya-Africa. During our flights, we tasted some fruits that grow in each of the countries. In France, we sampled some juicy apples, pears and grapes, then during our time in Italy, we tasted, smelt and touched some very sour lemons, some surprisingly popular olives and tomatoes and finally in Kenya we enjoyed some sampling mango, pineapple and banana.

We enjoyed a range of activities including learning how to say hello and counting to 10 in French, Italian and Swahili as well as making a flag for each country and looking at and discussing a range of traditional foods.