Welcome to Year 1

This is the first year of Key Stage 1 in which the first sections of the National Curriculum are introduced. Year One is usually the second year in primary school.

At Scott Primary we believe that a smooth transition from foundation stage to year one is vital. We ensure that the children have plenty of time to settle into the new routines of the day. We introduce the curriculum gradually throughout the first half term by following a carousel approach. The children enjoy daily practical activities with plenty of time to continue to explore and play independently.

During lessons we follow a carousel approach, this means that some of the children will carry out a focus task while the other children work independently on a range of activities linked to the learning for that particular lesson. This ensures that the teachers and teaching assistants have plenty of quality learning time with all children throughout the week.

We believe that the children’s first year accessing the national curriculum should be as fun and engaging as possible. We ensure that this happens by planning and delivering a range of engaging topics throughout the year in a fun and practical way.

Our Teachers

Miss Power

Bumblebees Class Teacher

Mrs Rai

Rabbits Class Teacher

Mrs Waby

Robins Class Teacher

Miss Cook

Bumblebees Class Teaching Assistant

Miss Corrner

Rabbits Class Teaching Assistant

Mrs Adair

Robins Class Teaching Assistant

Year 1 Overview

Year 1 Overview
Year 1 Reading List