Year 1 – Walking with Dinosaurs

We were very shocked at the end of last term when we came into school and discovered DINOSAUR FOOTPRINTS. They went through the hall and all the way across the playground into the woods.


We were even more alarmed when we found evidence that the creature had been in the school playground and quite possibly made its way around the entire school.


We went into our classrooms to find that we had been visited by a VERY untidy creature. Our classrooms were upside down and VERY messy. We just could not believe our eyes!


Luckily, Mr Summerfield had set up a webcam in the classroom to film anything strange that might happen in the Year 1 classrooms when the school is empty.


We decided that the best way to solve this mystery was to become brave explorers. We got our coats on and went out on to the playground in search of a dinosaur.


We followed the footprints across the playground and into the woods.


We had a great time using the magnifying glasses to explore and investigate the footprints and the woodland however sadly we did not find any dinosaurs or creatures.