Scott’s Fabulous New Sensory Room

We are excited to announce that the children at Scott Primary School have a brand new sensory room, filled with a variety of specialised products to induce relaxation and calm.


A sensory room provides a special place for children to feel safe in and is good for children who are over-sensitive to sensory information.


Our sensory room includes a sensory bubble tube, which is soothing to watch with the mesmerising movement and changes in soft colours. At the same time, this stimulates visual development and communication skills. Soothing sounds are created through the use of a calming CD, which also promotes sensory development. Our colour changing fibre optic lamps, tank sets, complete with dancing jellyfish and exotic fish and mood table, provide relaxing visuals whilst adding interest to the room.


Our children are delighted with their new room!

Sensory Room

Sensory Room