Welcome to Squirrels

Nurture Group at Scott Primary is known as Squirrels.
It is for children in Year 1 & 2. It is led by Ms Doherty and supported by experienced Teaching Assistants.

What is a Nurture Group?

A Nurture Group is an in school resource for children whose emotional, social and behavioural needs cannot be met in the mainstream classroom. Most children approach school with enthusiasm and confidence, therefore showing good levels of emotional security. However some may be unresponsive, withdrawn or require extra support to enable them to develop emotional and social resilience. A Nurture Group provides a specific, planned intervention, based on attachment theory that involves:

  • Security, routines and boundaries
  • Attention to transition
  • Direct teaching and learning
  • A setting with the atmosphere of a secure home
  • A sense of containment
  • Play and reflection work
  • Opportunities for meaningful group interaction and the
    development of trust and appropriate social skills
  • An awareness of the impact of personal feelings
  • Trained staff

Squirrels is on Monday to Thursday afternoon’s.  The children are collected after registration and returned by to class before the end of the day.  It is important children feel part of their class, so on any special days in class or class trips, the children will stay in their own classes.  At the beginning and end of each term the children spend the week back in their class to settle back in and establish friendships.

Our Aims:

  • To provide a secure and reliable small class setting where firm boundaries are set in place and children can learn about themselves at a pace they can determine.
  • To enable the child to access the curriculum and participate fully in school life.
  • To work in partnership with class teachers and parents to enable consistency of approach both at home and school.
  • To help children behave appropriately, to use their curiosity constructively , improve their self esteem and develop confidence, through close and trusting relationships with adults and children.
  • To provide an ethos where children can learn through nurture and practical experiences from two caring adults who actively work towards enabling their successful integration into their mainstream class and reach their full potential.
  • To allow vulnerable children to establish secure attachments to enable learning.
  • To build positive, reciprocal care and teaching, for the children, between nurture group staff and class teachers.

Nurture Group Principles

  • Children’s learning is understood developmentally.
  • The classroom offers a safe base.
  • The importance of nurture for the development of self esteem.
  • Language is a vital means of communication.
  • All behaviour is communication.
  • The importance of transition in children’s lives.

Squirrels Curriculum

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Spring 2 Overview
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Scott Nurture Group Policy - Sept 2018

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