Keeping Safe Online

The internet is amazing. Children can play, learn, create and connect – opening up a whole world of exciting possibilities. At Scott Primary School we take internet safety very seriously.  We work hard to educate children how to keep safe when online.

But how do you keep track of what they’re doing and make sure they’re staying safe?

Whether you’re an online expert or you’re not sure where to start the NSPCC has 4 key tips help you:

    • explore the online world together
    • talk to your child about staying safe online
    • manage the software and tools your family use
    • agree rules about what’s OK and what’s not

You can find out more by visiting the NSPCC Esafety page.

E-Safety News

E-Hero Competition

Freeze Girl designed by Grace W for the E-Hero Competition
Freeze Girl along with Freeze Pup will freeze harmful messages and stop them appearing on your screen in an effort to protect you online.

Congratulations to our new Digital Leaders.

These children hold each class’ responsibility for looking after the equipment we have in school.  They will also show children how the equipment is to be looked after and will do regular checks on the equipment to ensure that it is not broken. They will be pivotal in the delivery and success of the ICT curriculum throughout the school. Well done!

Some Useful Websites to Visit

Parents’ Guide to Facebook:


Parents’ Guide to Twitter:


Parents’ Guide to Snapchat:


Website for children to help them to stay safe online:


The following is a link to a website that relates to our SMART  E-Safety rules, which are displayed and referred to in all classes throughout the school: