The latest news from Scott Lower

Contact Numbers

Please make sure that you inform the office of any changes to contact numbers immediately, so that we can contact you in case of any emergency. Thank you.


We have a dedicated School Uniform page:- Scott Lower School Uniforms. Please do ensure that all parts of the uniform are clearly named – it takes so long to try and match jumpers, socks, shoes, lunchboxes, water bottles etc. etc to the correct child!


If your child has any allergies or dietary needs, would you please provide a passport size photograph so that the kitchen staff can immediately identify your child. Thank you.

School Closure (Due to Bad Weather or Anything Else!)

If the school needs to close for any reason, just be guided by the links you find on our Announcement page.

1st Day Absence

Could I please remind you to let us know on the first day of any absence from school. This then needs to be followed up in writing on your child’s return. Thank you for your co-operation.

Mid-Day Supervisory Assistants (Relief)

We occasionally need relief supervisors to cover sickness and training. If you are interested, please contact the school office for further details.

Collection of Children in Years 1 – 4

Could I ask that children in Years 3 & 4 are not collected from the path up to the playground. It is very difficult for staff to keep track of 30 children and so we need them all to leave from the same point. Also, please wait away from the steps as this tends to cause congestion when the children are coming up to the playground. The best place to wait is over by the play equipment so that staff can see you.


Please remember that there is No Parking or Drop Off area on the school site. The small car park and the front of the school are for Staff Only. Also, please do not park across the school gates as this causes a real hazard for our children. Thank you.