Welcome to Year 6

Year 6 is an incredibly busy but hugely exciting year.  It is the final year of Primary education and the oldest year group within the school. Our children aim to set a good example throughout the school by incorporating our Core School Values and rules in everything they do. They act as role models for the younger children and take on a range of responsibilities including: Playground Pals, House Captains and Library monitors.

Children in Year 6 will take part in statutory testing in May each year. This aims to test their knowledge of the Key Stage 2 curriculum and their progress from Year 2. As such we ensure that our curriculum is engaging, motivating and challenging to adequately prepare our children.

Our Teachers

Mr Holdsworth

Hillary Class Teacher

Mrs Cusano

Hillary Teaching Assistant

Transition to Secondary School

We strive to work closely with the local Secondary schools to ensure a smooth transition to Year 7. All local Secondary schools are invited in at the beginning of the school year to give assemblies to the Year 6 children in advance of their open days. We aim to build strong links between the schools, holding regular events where the Secondary teachers come to work with the Year 6’s, or the children get the opportunity to go and have sessions taught in the Secondary school to prepare them for the Secondary environment.

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